International Activities

The General Radio Frequency Centre (GRFC) is involved in international coordination of radio frequencies and frequency channels, registration of assignments in International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and preparation of documents on the use of frequencies, channels and high-frequency devices for the Telecommunications Administration of the Russian Federation.

The GRFC interacts with international and regional organizations under their plans for WRC preparation work and in studies performed by working groups of ITU and the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT).

In preparing for and working at meetings of international and regional organizations, GRFC representatives act to promote the interests of the GRFC and the Telecommunications Administration of the Russian Federation in ITU and CEPT documents, developing proposals that are consistent with positions of the Russian Federation.

GRFC experts protect the interests of the Russian Federation in developing and modifying frequency assignment coordination procedures, reviewing technical reports, calculation methods and questionnaires in respect of radio spectrum regulation.

The General Radio Frequency Centre carries out preparatory work for participation of Russian Telecom Administration delegations in World and Regional Radiocommunication Conferences and Assemblies and in ITU, CEPT, RCC studies.

GRFC experts were actively involved in preparation of and participation in WRC-2012 and WRC-2015, promoting some key decisions of special relevance to the Russian telecom environment.

GRFC experts have held some major positions in ITU and CEPT bodies, including Vice-Chairman of ITU Study Group 4 (Satellite Services) and Chairman of CEPT Project Team SE 19 (Fixed Service) . They are currently involved in preparations for WRC-19 agenda items that are of interest to the RF Administration and GRFC.